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Specializing in both
On Site & Online Auctions
We liquidate estates, of both living and deceased, and ease the tension associated with selling assets and contacting potential buyers.  We also do entire and partial estate buyouts.  
We understand how hard it is to deal with many of life's changes, whether that be settling the estate of a loved one, retirement, moving/downsizing and we are here to help!  Our goal is to make this easier on you in a timely manner with the most proceeds possible.

Types of Sales We Offer:


Onsite live auction



We will do a live auction with bidders at

your location

online only auction


We have an online only auction of your items either by getting items to our facility to be listed or at the actual estate site itself.  This is for internet bidders only and reaches the entire US and global market.  This auction has a pickup day for items once it is complete or we ship items to out of state bid winners.

onsite live and online auction

This is where some of your items are online for sale and other merchandise is to be auctioned off live with live bidders on auction day.  The online auction items stop once the live auction starts and then live bidders onsite may jump in and bid on the items that were online at the price they are at currently.  It gives an option for the estate owner to reach more bidders for their items.

offsite live auction



This is where all of your merchandise is moved to another facility for auction due to time logistics, parking, city regulations, etc. to be auctioned off in the live auction setting.

complete and partial estate buyouts



This is where both parties agree to sell their collection or complete estate to us.  This allows the seller to have immediate cash in hand for their items and not wait on the completion of an auction in order to be paid.

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